October 2014

Chilled transport by airplane

Good chilled transport by airplane of pharmaceuticals, medical products, flowers, fish, and food products can be a challenge. The temperature may vary greatly. From the point of departure, during the journey, at the destination airport, to your customer. Temperatures may fluctuate from 15°C, to 5°C in the cargo space of the plane, to 45°C in destinations like Dubai. All during one transport. Therefore you need the right cooling equipment for all possible situations. Also for the possibility that your goods are parked in the sun at the airport in Dubai for a while. Some ways to properly cool your products for transport by air are:

  • Cold Chain solutions of airline companies: Most airliners offer high quality cooling solutions with a corresponding price. The airline company takes care of the cooling of your cargo.The value of the goods to be transported, determines whether this is a real solution for your transport by air.
  • Dry-Ice: In case your products need to stay frozen during, Dry-Ice is the most widely used solution. Gel packs or ice packs will not keep products frozen during transport. Main disadvantage of Dry-Ice is that each flight has a limit to the amount of Dry-Ice which is permitted in the aircraft.
  • Combined solution of EPS boxes, ice packs, and optional absorbent materials. This is the most commonly used solution for chilled transport by airplane for goods at freezing point, or between 0-8 degrees centigrade. Advantages for this solution are that the goods remain protected during the entire process, and that it is a very affordable solution. It is important that the goods arrive within 24-48 hours at the destination. This solution offers a very effective and affordable way of chilled transporting by airplane.

Important when transporting temperature controlled by air, is to be aware at what is the riskiest point in the cold chain. This could be when arriving at an airport or arriving at your customer. If you need our specialized advice on the temperature controlled transport by air of your goods by air, feel free to contact us. We can also determine potential risk moments for your products in the cold chain. And we like to help you with practical advice tailored to your business and to your products.