Fish to Las Vegas

One of the clients of De Ridder Packaging is a wholesaler in fresh fish near Den Helder, the Netherlands. They came in contact with a potential customer in Las Vegas. A 3 star restaurant that has a preference for serving fresh North Sea fish. Together we investigated what was needed to get the fresh fish from the Netherlands to Las Vegas in a good way. Whilst being able to assure its quality. The solution is a combination of gel ice packs and an EPS box. Weekly now fresh fish, chilled with the Ridder Packaging gel ice packs, is transported to Las Vegas by plane.

Besides air transport, right now our customer uses the gel ice pack also to transport fish within the Netherlands and to neighboring European countries. It is a perfect manner to deliver fresh fish to the customers. In this way, the fish is not affected by meltwater. Our customer has chosen to do so, because they want to deliver superior quality in fish.