Fish packaging for temperature controlled transport

It is important to transport fresh fish properly. Consumers justifiably demand the quality of the fish they buy. Chilled fish transport should ensure the proper cold chain, the quality, and hygiene of the handling of the fish.  During transport, temperature and moisture are important factors that determine quality. High temperatures and fish coming in contact with meltwater are important factors that lead to accelerated product spoilage. These should therefore be prevented.

De Ridder Packaging provides the following solutions for the temperature controlled transport of fish:

  • Gel ice packs: The use of ice packs as opposed to flake ice has the following advantages:
    • The fish does not come into contact with meltwater. This is very beneficial to the quality of the fish.
    • No leakage of meltwater possible. This is important in air transport, since no water is allowed to emerge during the flight.
    • Ice packs can be placed on top of the fish as well, refrigerating it better and from all sides during transport.
    • By using ice packs, there is more choice in packaging materials.
  • Absorption mats to absorb meltwater.
  • EPS boxes of different sizes and different thicknesses. These are used in combination with gel packs and absorption mats.

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