Medical chilled transport

De Ridder Packaging helps medical organizations and suppliers of medical products with chilled transportation of  goods. When looking for the right solutions for your chilled transport, you will need different materials. De Ridder Packaging provides tools for conditioned and temperature controlled transport, absorption materials, and can advise you. When transporting medical supplies the main challenges are:

  • The temperature must remain within a certain range
  • Fluids, which (could be) are released and must be absorbed immediately

De Ridder Packaging provides various solutions for (temperature controlled) medical transports. For keeping medical supplies at the right temperature De Ridder Packaging delivers ice packs and EPS boxes.

In addition, absorption materials are used to absorb released fluids immediately. This can occur during the transport of medical products. But also during medical procedures such as surgery. Depending on your requirements, we will find the right solution for your medical transport. We love to hear from you in what way we could help you.