Absorption pads

Are you looking for a way to transport fish, pharmaceuticals, medical products, food, or flowers? If your transporting solution must be temperature controlled, safe, and without spillage, you need specialized equipment. Absorption pads from the De Ridder Packaging can be the ideal leak-proof solution for you.

What can you expect from our absorption pads

In the absorption pads and other absorbent materials of De Ridder Packaging, all products that do not absorb are removed. So synthetic adhesive or bonding agents are not present. As a result, the quality and the absorbent capacity of our absorption pads is increased.


Applications of absorption pads

Absorption pads are used in different ways for many different products in many different industries:

  • In transport of pharmaceuticals: When sending pharmaceuticals, it is important that the goods arrive on site in perfect condition. Condensation released during transport must therefore be adequately and instantly absorbed. So it does not affect the product. Some pharmaceuticals have the qualification of a hazardous substance and are under no circumstance allowed to leave the container. de Ridder Packaging provides proven absorption solutions for these challenges.
  • For the transportation of fish, De Ridder Packaging offers various solutions. A widely used solution for transporting fish is the fish mat. The fish mat ensures that meltwater is collected instantly. This assures the quality of the fish, since meltwater is beneficiary to the freshness of the fish. Often, these pads are used in combination with an EPS box. The combination of the fish mat and EPS boxes is also allowed by some airlines.
    For packing portions of fish De Ridder Packaging also provides customized solutions. The latest development is an absorption mat that releases CO2. This provides an athmosphere in which the fish is kept fresh longer. In addition, De Ridder Packaging also provides solutions suited for smoked fish.
  • For medical products: When sending blood and hazardous liquids in the medical sector, safety is a very important requirement. The products must be secured inside the container. Absorption pads of De Ridder Packaging offer an ideal solution for the imediate absorption of liquids. In addition to transport-related solutions for the medical industry, we also offer other products for medical applications. For example our absorption blankets. These covers can be used, in for example operation rooms to absorb blood or other fluids.
  • In the food industry: When transporting or preparing food, absorption pads are often used to absorb fluids. In addition, the absorption materials of De Ridder Packaging are used to absorb condensation. There is a wide variation in ways of collecting condensation with absorption materials. An example is the pizza box, which on the inside has a layer of absorption material, to ensure that the pizza will remain crisp longer.
  • For agricultural purposes, De Ridder Packaging provides all kinds of solutions to absorb condensation. This protects agricultural products from the damage that condensation can cause during transport. Absorption materials are also supplied in large rolls for agricultural purposes.
  • For flowers: When transporting fresh flowers, absorption materials help to prevent bothyris by absorbing fluids. Flowers will maintain of good quality in this way.
  • In addition, we assist our clients with specific solutions in the field of absorptie. Leaking issues or fluid problems due to thawing fridges, water in pallet sheets, or other other water damage can be prevented with specific absorption pads and other absorption solutions. Do you have a specific question about absorption issues? Just contact us.

Choose the absorption pads with the proper absorption capacity, with many options for size and color

At De Ridder Packaging, absorption pads can be found in many variations. In case you are looking for the proper absorption pads for your product, it is important to know how much absorption strength and volume you need. Do you need absorption pads to absorb condensation? This requires a different approach and a different absorption mat than an absorption mat that aims to collect meltwater from flake ice.

At De Ridder Packaging, you also have a wide choice of color and sizes in absorption pads. In this way you can choose the colors that best suit your brand or product. We like to speak with you about your specific needs and requirements.