Ice packs for temperature controlled packaging of your fresh products

Are you looking for a way to transport fish, pharmaceuticals, medical products, food, and flowers in a safe and conditioned manner? The gel ice packs of De Ridder Packaging are the ideal solution for you!

Our customers choose gel ice packs of De Ridder Packaging for the following reasons:

  • Very good value for money.
  • Wide range of specialized standard cooling products.
  • Own production facility. This allows us to respond to unique customer requirements and wishes. For example, by using custom-made film or printing of information on the gel ice packs.
  • Manufactured  according to the exacting demands and requirements for packaging in the food industry.
  • More than 15 years of experience with gel ice packs, cooling products, and conditioned transport.

Are you interested in our gel ice packs? Please get in touch or request an quote from us!

What you may expect from our ice packs

Our ice packs are leak-proof, polyethylene bags filled with a gel based on polymers. The film and the gel we use in the ice packs, meet the most stringent demands and requirements for packaging in the food industry. This means that the ice packs may come in contact with food without any consequences for the quality of the food.

Our ice packs are strong and durable, so you can use them multiple times. However, it is very important to clean the ice packs after each use. Are there ice packs that are damaged? Do not use these ice packs any more. You can dispose of ice packs that you no longer use in your regular waste.

Applications of ice packs

Ice packs of De Ridder Packaging are particularly suitable for transport by air. Ice packs do not have the problem of meltwater, like flake ice. Since meltwater is not allowed on airplanes as this may lead to hazardous situations, transportation with ice packs cooling often is the best solution. In addition, an ice pack has some advantages over solutions such as dry-ice. There are no limits for the number of ice packs that are permitted in an airplane. While the amount of dry ice per flight must be within a certain limit, according to the air transport regulations.

Our ice packs are reusable. Nonetheless, ice packs are generally used for one-way transfer. This is in contrast to heatsinks, for example, which are often used multiple times.  The reason that ice packs are preferred for one way transport, is that the costs are lower for the ice packs.

Different sizes, weights and types of ice packs

Our ice packs are manufactured in different sizes and weights by De Ridder Packaging itself. For the most common sizes we have the following overview. Do you have any specific requirements and wishes, please contact us. Let us know what you want to transport and what you need from the ice packs. We like to talk with you about the all the possibilities in customized ice packs that we offer.

Our regulars ice packs are designed to carry goods between 0 and 8 degrees centigrade. If you need to transport goods at lower temperature, you should choose our super ice packs. We can give you personal advice if you want, just contact us.

Loose ice packs or a total solution?

Our ice packs are often used as part of a complete solution. For example, they could be combined with an EPS box and absorption mat. For more information see our total solutions.

Customer-specific printing of the film or ice packs

If you wish, we can adjust the film of the ice pack to your wishes and requirements. In this way we can develop customer-specific film. For example with your logo or a text that you want to be shown on the ice packs. This offers you opportunities to provide additional information to your customers or to show that the product came from your organization. We also offer the opportunity to provide a print on the ice packs themselves. So you can share even more information through the ice packs.