Gel ice packs

Transporting your products in a temperature controlled way? To effectively send chilled goods, the use of cooling materials is essential. For over 15 years, De Ridder Packaging is providing specialized ice packs. We help customers across Europe to transport safely, chilled, and temperature controlled. Products that are send with our ice packs, are fish, pharmaceuticals, medical products, foods, and flowers. The gel packs cooling materials are made in our own production facility in all kind of variations. This allows us to anticipate very well on your specific needs and requirements.

De Ridder Packaging provides the following solutions for the transport of goods between 0-8 degrees centigrades: Ice packs, segmented gel packs, Flex-Ice gel packs, rigid gel packs, and cooling elements. For the transport of goods at freezing temperatures, De Ridder Packaging has super gel packs for you. Depending on your needs and requirements we determine which product is most suitable for your transportation challenge. Just contact us.

In addition to advising you what cooling materials would be best for you, we have more products that could be of aid. Cooling elements are often used in combination with EPS boxes and absorption mats. We can provide you with both, in many sorts and sizes.